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Stacey Smith is a spiritual teacher, author, life coach and certified energy healer. She teaches spiritually-aware individuals how to create lives and/or businesses that are fun, flexible, fulfilling and financially prosperous. 

She is the author of several books, including: Soul Intelligence Method: The Secret to Manifesting the Life You Really Want (which has been endorsed by best-selling author, Joe Vitale of The Secret) and Naive Christians Don't Get Rich.

Stacey has studied spirituality, marketing and personal development for over a decade. She received a B.A. in Sociology from the University of Akron. She's a Certified Reiki Practitioner and Certified Hypnotist.  Her business and life advice has appeared in outlets such as SheKnows.com, The Wall Street Journal Online, The Arizona Republic and Ohio.com.  

From breakdown to breakthrough: Started from the bottom-- now I'm here
Just a few years ago, I reduced my life to a suitcase and traveled to Los Angeles for fame and fortune in the fitness industry. Instead, I ended up broke and homeless. I had a great concept, I knew who my ideal customers were and even negotiated an awesome partnership deal with a Pilates studio in posh Brentwood, CA. You see, even though I was good at fitness, marketing and sales (While homeless, I started  a blog and landed on TV and radio  just three days after launch). I had business intelligence-- but lacked something just as important: Soul Intelligence.

So, what happened? I sabotaged my success. Even though God lined up great opportunities and resources for me, I squandered them. I was afraid to play a bigger game. I allowed my story to keep me playing small.

I knew about the Law of Attraction and had some success with it-- however nothing was sustainable (because of my subconscious saboteurs). 

My honeymoon with spirituality and the Law of attraction was over! 

Then a series of events led me to receive messages about my teaching and healing abilities. While still living on the street, I began to study the reasons behind why smart, ambitious and spiritual people didn't succeed. It wasn't a lack of knowledge or motivation.

So, I researched, distilled and downloaded  the spiritual and soul-based secrets that lead to success. And SoulIntelligence.com was born!

I'd love to help you have the life and business of your dreams!

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