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#1. MagneticMoney Meditation (Over 20 minutes of powerful 108 affirmations).
#2. MagneticSales Audio (7-step training on getting clients to hire you without feeling icky)

What people are saying about these gifts:

"Hi Stacey, i just wanted to thank u massively for the extraordinary program u created (CASH). Im working with it daily as well as with ur free meditation process for sensitives which i adapted to my needs and im seeing massive changes. Thank u so much."  -DD

"Dear Stacey,

I recently downloaded your top 7 Spiritual Practices and listened to the Magnetic Money audio meditation. I enjoyed them both.  I wanted to listen to the audio meditation again, but was unable to without signing up for your emailing again.  When I tried to do so, it said that I was already on the list but gave me the option of updating my profile.  I clicked on that without meaning to, however, I was wondering if the online audio meditation was a one time thing or were we able to download that as well.  Either way I would like to listen to it again, if I may.  Please let me know how I can go about doing so. Thank you." -JR

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