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Have you ever visited your favorite bank at your grocery store? Have you ever eaten at a restaurant at the airport?  The fact is-- if these businesses have profited from strategic partnerships, you can too!

As a solo-preneur, you can only reach so many people. Even if you have a list of 5,000 or 10,000 people-- you have a cap on the amount of money you can bring in with them in a certain time period (you don't want your list to get 'promotion fatigue' from relentless promotion of your services and products). 
"Our success has really been based on partnerships from the very beginning."  -Bill Gates
So how does one generate income by creating partnership relationships?
Making money is the easy part of partnerships. The work comes from actually creating something that the target audience wants.  The more you can create and deliver value to people through partnerships, the more income opportunities will manifest for you.

Value is what your customers determine. When deciding what to offer, you want to think about moving beyond just delivering information to creating impact and transformation. 

What changes can people get from your products/services: More customers, better relationships, losing 16 pounds in 4 weeks, etc.?

If you get good at creating value, you can connect with other people who are good at delivering value. For example if you can help people lose weight, you can create an exercise video and distribute it through companies like or

It works like this: You create the value. They deliver your value, such as by selling it, and they pay you a royalty, commission, or licensing fee.

If you're an unknown in your field, it may seem difficult or impossible to get much exposure for your products and services. But if you have partners who will help get the word out, it’s no longer so much of a challenge!

Here are three ways to leverage the power partnerships to get more visibility, credibility and sales for your business.

Non-profit partnerships- They're always looking for ways to bring in more funds. How can you partner with them and bring a valuable seminar or workshop to their constituents?

Joint ventures/strategic alliances- What businesses can you partner with that are already reaching your target market? Be sure to only approach businesses that are not the same as or competitive to yours. Can you team up with them to host a conference or webinar?

Membership organizations/associations- Find ways to partner with organizations that host events for their members. For example, if your Chamber of Commerce hosts weekly lunch-and-learn events for their members, ask if you could offer a talk on a topic relevant to them.

These are win-win ways for you and the person/business you're looking to build a relationship with. If you can gain visibility through partnerships, it's going to be much easier to generate more income in your business.

If you have a true desire to help as many people as possible with your gifts and skills, there's no limit to the amount of partnerships you can think up. It's all about considering the synergy that can be created between both parties.

To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.” -Douglas Adams

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