Love your frustration with Ho' oponopono

"Emotion is simply energy in motion." -Stacey Smith

Have you ever had a sudden surge of negative emotion and tried to push it away with positive thinking or visualizing what you want? But, you can't seem to visualize the reality you do want or find a better feeling thought, because the contrast or emotion is too strong. As deliberate co-creators, we mistakenly think that any negative emotion is bad and should be repressed and replaced with a better feeling thought. Now, that does work in some instances-- but sometimes it's difficult to reach for that better feeling thought and challenging to visualize your desired outcome.

For example, you're in the middle of an upsetting conversation with someone and your anger or annoyance is so dominant in your vibe-- that you just can't go to a better feeling place. 

Or perhaps you wake up in the morning and before you even get out of bed you begin to feel worry or frustration about your finances or business, so you try to visualize yourself being financially abundant-- but the image just won't appear in your mind's eye

When you experience negative emotions that can't or won't be soothed by mere positive thinking or creative visualization, it means that it's time to go deeper. It means that you need to acknowledge and be with the emotion. In the law of attraction (and in the world of psychology) what you resist persists. So, learning how to simply care for your negative emotions like a mother caring for her baby works wonders in bringing relief when they arise.

One tactic I use is Ho' oponopono, a Hawaiian technique that releases resistance and removes energetic/emotional blocks. The practice involves using four simple phrases to heal undesired emotions. 
The four phrases are:
  • I love you.
  • I'm sorry.
  • Please forgive me.
  • Thank you.
So, as you are experiencing the frustration, anger, aggravation, sadness, disappointment, etc.-- silently (or aloud) say to the emotion: "I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you." You repeat this until you feel relief. I've done this and it works. It eases up the intensity of the emotion, so you can go to a better feeling thought or move into visualization. 

Ho' oponopono is a way of cleaning up your vibration around a particular subject. The practice is a bridge to where ever it is you want to be vibrationally. So, don't repress your emotions or distract yourself from feeling them-- through the Internet, phone, television, Wii, etc.. Your emotions are messengers from Source energy (Spirit/God/Universe). They're communicating valuable information. Honor how you feel. Acknowledge how you feel. Care for how you feel.

Give Ho' oponopono a try. Let me know your results!

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