What type of website is best for your business + How to get traffic to your website

Your website is the face of your business. It is your brand. It is the center of your business' identity. 

So how do you know which website is best for your business? It depends on what you want your website to do for your business. 

Do you want to sell products, build your email list, share your expertise?

Your business goals will determine which website format suits your needs.

5 types of websites:
  • Blog - Your blog is the focal point of all your online marketing activity. Your blog's content  can be used to build your credibility-- so that prospects come to know, like and trust you.
  • eCommerce - eCommerce sites sell physical and/or digital products. Websites like eBay are eCommerce sites.
  • Sales page - A sales page (or squeeze page) can sell a single product (with lots of copy) or provide a free opt-in offer in exchange for the visitor's name and email address
  • Brochure - A brochure website is a single page website that simply lists your services and business' contact information: Name, phone number, email address, hours of operation etc.
  • Hybrid - This is where you send all your traffic to, it can be a mix of all of the above. My website, soulintelligence.com is a hybrid website.
Resist the urge to put too many bells and whistles on your website. You don't want a confusing and cluttered face for your business. 

How to get traffic to your website:

Step #1. To drive traffic to your website you must first create a compelling website. The first think you must do is determine who your ideal client is. If you're after corporate clients...you need a more corporate. Corporate clients aren't going to find bright flashing letters as credible. 

Step #2. Decide the primary and secondary objectives of your website. Is it to share content and grow your list. Is it to get sales of products right away.

Step #3. Drive traffic (both first time visitors and your existing tribe) to your site through different sources such as social media, bookmarking sites, commenting on blog posts read by your ideal clients, giving people your business card with your website address on it, develop a joint venture partnership with another business that drives traffic to your site.

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