What to do when nothing seems to be happening (or when all hell is breaking loose)

Do you feel like you're in a dry desert place or storm in your business (or life)-- feeling like God/The Universe has abandoned you and left you to fail miserably (and die) on your own? 

There's a story in the New Testament scriptures where Jesus told his disciples that they were going to get into a boat and cross to the other side of a lake. Yet on the way to their destination-- they were caught in a huge storm and it seemed like they were all about to lose their lives. The boat was being tossed to and fro by the winds and the waves. They were afraid. They needed help and assurance. But what was Jesus doing? He was down in the bottom of the boat asleep! (Ever feel like God was sleeping on the job and not paying attention to what you were going through?)

Well, the disciples went to Jesus in this storm and basically said to him, "Don't you care that we are about to die!" 

You may be feeling that way...like your boat is about to sink and you're not going to survive the challenges or dry places in your life. Perhaps your business has stalled or plateaued and you're wondering if you're ever going to get to the place of success you long for.

Jesus responded to their panic by saying, "Where is your faith?"

Don't be one of those people who give up at the first (second, third, fourth) sign of opposition, resistance or challenge. Every great thing that has ever been accomplished was accomplished through faith combined with dogged determination and persistence.

Here's what you need to hold on to when things look bleak (and you're wondering if you're kidding yourself for stepping out in faith the first place):

#1. A sealed mind against all contrary influences to your dream coming to pass-- including the 
opinions and comments of "well meaning" friends, family and associates. Just accept the fact that not everyone will understand you. Let them think you're weird or crazy! We're the one's that change the world!

#2. A general plan. It doesn't have to be fancy or formal. Just write down what you want to happen and steps you can take right now from where you are. Don't worry about making mistakes or messing up. Act your your plan and you'll be guided and directed to course correct. If you want to avoid the trial and error nature of this element of success....you need to have #3 on your team.

#3. A success-oriented person who believes in you and holds a supportive space for you. You need support and accountability from someone who's been where you are. Notice how Jesus responded with a calm, cool and assured way. He was a master believer.

So, here's your work: Show up and do the baby steps. Keep writing, keep blogging, keep creating and producing. Stay busy (within reason, of course) with the work that is before you to do. This distracts you from obsessing over how things will manifest. Stop obsessing over the details and "the how" of your success. Things will unfold perfectly when you let things flow.

And don't allow your physical senses to influence your faith (We walk by faith and not by sight). Know that every single day, things are getting better (if you're not sabotaging with contrary thoughts, feelings and actions).

Even though things may seem like they're working or that nothing is happening, keep doing what you need to be doing. Believe that invisibly and incrementally-- day by day, things are getting better for you in the spiritual realm-- and that you will soon see what you want in the physical realm.

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Image source: freedigitalphotos.net | Simon Howden

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