How to activate abundance

We all want more time, money, energy and love. But oftentimes, our desire and pursuit for more makes us forget the fundamental nature of abundance.

Abundance is wholeness-- which means there is nothing missing and nothing broken. To this you might say,"Well, there are certainly a few zeros missing from my bank account." Or "I'm missing a relationship with my soul mate."

Thoughts like these come from a scarcity mindset...not an abundance mindset.

An abundance mindset seeks out, in gratitude, any shred of evidence that what is desired is already possessed.

For example, if your intention or goal is to attract more financial abundance, your work is to notice the abundance you have already been given-- including the roof over your head, the food in your belly and the device and Internet access that are making it possible for you to read these words.

And if you want to break your current abundance down even further, you will discover that you also have an abundance of good health (you can see-- even if it's with glasses/contacts, you're likely not experiencing pain in your body at this moment).

You have an abundance of intelligence (you're able to read and understand the words I've written).

You have an abundance of love. You probably have at least one other person (friend, spouse or family member) who cares deeply about you. God/the Universe led you to this wisdom out of a space of love.

Focusing on the essence of abundance (gratitude for the good you already have) puts you in a flow of positive energy and growth-- while attracting more abundance to you.

I learned this truth while homeless. When, I slept outside, I focused on being grateful for any type of shelter over my head (whether it was a doorway or parking garage). When I slept at a homeless shelter, I was grateful for the roof over my head, the walls that surrounded me, the bed, pillow and blanket.

Know that RIGHT NOW you are loved and that you are looked after, despite what you perceive as lacking (time, money, energy and/or love) in your life.

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