Get the results you want: 2 powerful ingredients

"It's time to step it up! If not now, when?" -Stacey Smith

Success doesn't happen overnight. Failure doesn't happen overnight. If you're not getting results in any area of life or business-- it's because you lack two things: compelling reasons and consistent rituals.

For example, if you are healthy and in great shape-- you have a compelling reason (your why) and consistent rituals (your actions) that give you the results you're after. Your compelling reason is top of mind and your consistent rituals are very different from someone who is unhealthy and overweight.

If you want to successfully write a book, screen play or be a blogger you need to have a great reason why you want to write and you need consistent action to back it up.

How many times have you told yourself that you're FINALLY going to do something (lose weight, start a business, improve your marriage, etc.)-- only to make excuses, forget about it, procrastinate or not do it at all?

The formula for success is this:

CR1 + CR2 = R [Compelling Reasons and Consistent Rituals lead to Results]

  • Your results (R): This is your goal or desired outcome (not your current reality). What is it that you want to be, do or have? 
  • Your compelling reason (CR1): CR1 is about tapping into your "why" or as the French would say, raison d'être. Why do you want what you want? Having a compelling reason that is important when you face challenges, delays or distractions. You won't stay in the game if your compelling reason doesn't come from your heart (or true self). Usually your compelling reason is birthed by a grand vision...something bigger and beyond yourself-- although it can be self-serving/gratifying (i.e. a desire to lose weight so that you look good in your favorite jeans!Remembering your compelling reason excites and inspires you!
  • Your consistent rituals (CR2)CR2 is about cultivating your will. Consistent rituals are habitual actions taken to make progress towards your goal. Shakespeare was quoted as saying, "Action is eloquence." You've got to be disciplined and do the work (whatever that is for you). Discipline, is simply deliberate and consistent action from a place of self-love and self respect. Engaging consistent rituals indicate you honor your commitment to yourself!
As you formulate your compelling reason and put consistent rituals in place-- you'll start seeing a shift in your personal energy, environment and results. Throughout the process, you may find that you need to course-correct, modify your original goal, come up with different rituals- which is perfectly OK. 

The process of attaining success isn't just about making changes-- it's about making progress. So, keep at it! Success requires personal inspiration (compelling reasons) and personal initiative (consistent rituals).

If you have a goals without a compelling reason and consistent rituals-- you're kidding yourself. What you have is a pipe dream or a wish list.

"The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine." -Mike Murdock

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