How to not give up on your business

"No man is ever whipped, until he quits-- in his own mind." -Napoleon Hill

How often do you think about giving up on being successful in your business?  Does it seem like your business is stuck in a pervasive and permanent holding pattern? Does it seem like you're in a perpetual cycle of struggle, striving and overwhelm-- with little to no results for your efforts?

So many entrepreneurs want a business that inspires and excites them-- but are feeling tired, weary and discouraged. They feel isolated because they're business (and life) isn't  working out as well as they hoped (despite personal and business development work). They feel like they should be further along by now. Do any of the aforementioned statements describe you? 

The desire to give up is a sign from your higher self that you are losing power-- the power to transcend your circumstances and deliberately co-create your reality.

When you say things like...
"I'm trying everything and nothing is working!" 
"I have too many responsibilities, I'll never be able to quit my job." 
"It seems like I'll never succeed in my own business."
"God, WHY is this taking so long?"

What you're really saying is..."I don't believe this will work out for me!"  You may get excited and full of faith when you receive an inquiry from a prospect-- but become fearful when the sales cycle is stalled for some reason or another. This flip-flop faith is exhausting and counter-productive. It leads to wanting to throw in the towel. 

But, giving up means that you'll never achieve or receive your heart's desire. 

So what do you do when your current situation or circumstances doesn't match your expectations? Here are five principles to reflect upon and embody:

#1. Focus on your Focus
What is it that you really want? Time freedom? Creative expression? Financial abundance?  If so, know that there are many ways you can accomplish these things in your business. Let go of your pre-conceived vision of how your dream should show up. Don't let the uncertainty of how (which is an inherent part of being in business for yourself) derail your vision.

To do this, you've got to recommit to your why (of being in your particular business) and who you want to serve with your business. Focus on the why and the who...and the how will be revealed to you.

#2. All is well
Don't  be in such a rush to "be known" or reach mass appeal so quickly. You don't need  to have a waiting list out of the gate. There are probably lots of kinks you need to work out in your that your clients and customers have a good experience working with you.

I've heard stories of people who got their big break and appeared on Oprah...only to crash and burn because they had no real business, offerings or systems for people to work with them. Getting too much attention or exposure prematurely, could backfire if you're not ready for it! Remember, luck happens when preparation meets opportunity! So, continue working on bettering yourself and your business, knowing that all is well and your opportunity will come.

Everything happens or doesn't happen for a reason.

#3. You are not alone
Being an entrepreneur can be a very solitary endeavor. Not everyone understands your vision or why you left (or want to leave) a "comfortable and stable" job. So when things aren't unfolding as you planned, you may feel like you're suffering alone-- which can be very painful. 

Think about it: The most severe punishment in penal institutions is solitary confinement. Why? Because we are social beings. We're meant to connect with others as well as our higher Power. 

I want you to know that you are not alone. The fact that you're reading this post is proof that you are being supported by God (the Universe, Source, etc.)

Take a few deep breaths on that. Breathe. Inhale deeply and exhale completely. Let the realization that you're not alone breathe new life into your business.

#4. The Art of Reconnection
In order to stay committed to your dream when you feel discouraged, you're going to have to reconnect to the essence of who you really are.  Built into the process of birthing your business dream is the need to cultivate the power of who you really are. So, in addition to reconnecting to what you want (#1) must reconnect to the power of who you are-- a powerful, deliberate co-creator with God.

Refuse to be a victim. You are a victor! 

#5. The Magic of Belief
There are two ancient scriptures I want you to consider. The first is, "Faith is the substance of things hoped for-- and the evidence of things not seen." Every man made thing that you see in the world originated from the unseen realm. It started as an idea, a thought. The inventor, creator then had to believe that it was possible to make their idea a reality.

From conception to finished product, the inventor had to have patience. Which brings me to the second scripture which says, "The trying of your faith develops patience. When patience is fully developed-- you will be perfect and entire lacking nothing." 

Herein lies your work: Walk by faith and not by sight. To succeed in your business, you need the energy of faith (commitment, tenacity, determination etc.). I want you to give up on giving up. Quitters never win and winners never quit. There's an unattributed quote that goes, "Every champion was once a contender who refused to give up."

Even if you have to work a full or part-time job while you get your business going, keep at it, find something that works or get the support you need!

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