Your customers' favorite radio station

Whether you relax and unwind to Johann Sebastian Bach or shake your booty to Beyonce, there are hundreds radio stations on the airwaves that cater to your moods and tastes. However, when it comes to your potential clients and customers they have only one station in mind. And that station is WIIFM, also known as the "What's in it for me?" station.  Yep. That's right, when your customers are considering whether to buy from you or not, they want to know up front-- what you can do for them. They want their needs and/or desires met and are not  that concerned with your processes or company mission. 

You may be thinking, "How selfish of them!" But keep in mind, as a consumer, you are the same way. When you're considering who to hire for a particular project, your top-of-mind concerns are, "How can this person help me? or Can this person help me?" Am I right? 

This post is a quick reminder: When you're writing web content, creating blog posts or developing programs and services for your clients-- you must be aware of and address the NEEDS and DESIRES of your clients.

My coach's request for you:
The more you know about your ideal clients' problems and struggles, the better you'll be at positioning yourself as their problem solver (which helps you to answer their "What's in it for me?" question). So, grab a piece of paper and write down answers to these questions:
  • What are my customer's biggest challenges? 
  • What keeps them up at night? 
  • What is it that they want most in their life or business right now?
After you've answered these three questions (designed to help you uncover your customers' hot button issues)-- write down how you can help them with these needs. Weave these hot buttons and your solutions to them throughout your marketing and sales activities.

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