How to deal with delays, denials and setbacks

“On some dimension or another, every event in life can be causing only one of two things: Either it is good for you, or it is bringing up what you need to look at in order to create good for you.” -Deepak Chopra

As an entrepreneur, each day can bring wonderful highs and woeful lows. However, it's the lows-- the challenges and difficulties that really test your mettle and resiliency. Whether it's a deal that falls through, no one signs up for your webinar, you received very little sales after a public relations campaign, or a proposal gets denied-- it's easy to go on a negative, downward mental and emotional spiral in your business.

But, seemingly negative, awful or terrible circumstances or events don't have to derail your positive vibe.  Here are two simple tips to help you stay positive when things don't go your way.

#1: Be aware of your response- Of utmost importance when facing delays, denials, and setbacks is your response. There's a saying that goes, "It's not what happens to you that counts-- it's how you respond to it." So, be aware of how your story (thoughts/interpretation), state (emotions) and strategy (actions) are "contributing to" or "detracting from" a solution.

Know that your response to the issues you face in your business will dictate the direction of your business. Catastrophizing (thinking or feeling something is worse than it really is) a circumstance won't bring you any closer to clarity or resolution. Get centered, then work on your next best steps.

#2: Put things in perspective- Understand that every successful business owner has their share of challenges. Whether they're technical or marketing difficulties, each day there are possibilities of experiencing undesirable circumstances.

When you want something to turn out a certain way and it doesn't happen-- it can be difficult to step back and take an objective look at the situation. However, this is the very thing you must do. When you're coming from an authentic place and your vibe is right, the Universe has a way of turning situations around for your benefit and for your highest and greatest good.

Ask yourself questions like, "What is the good in this?" "Where is the opportunity in this?" "What can I learn from this?"or "What could I do differently (or next)?" Asking yourself these questions will open you up to big picture thinking and a higher perspective.

It is said that airplanes are off course over 90 percent of the time-- but they still get to their destination. While you may not be off course that much, realize that success in your business is a journey. So, it's only natural that you may need to course-correct from time to time.

If your clients are corporate or government entities, keep in mind that the sales cycle is longer. You have to build relationships over time and deal with bureaucracy. Therefore, delays and setbacks are built-in to the process of getting the business.

Business success is a process

To use a military saying, "You may lose a battle, but you won't lose the war." However, this is only true if you stay in the game! Most people don't fail in business-- they give-up or quit.

Think about a few individuals in sports and entertainment. In the NBA, basketball coaches like Mike Brown are fired and rehired by other teams routinely. Brown was fired from the Cleveland Caveliers-- only to be hired a couple years later by the Los Angleles Lakers! How many times have radio and music personalities (Keith Olberman, Don Imus, Chris Brown etc.) said or done things that resulted in setbacks in their careers-- only to be rehired or sell more records. (In no way, am I condoning or endorsing these individuals)

What I'm saying is--  'There's no failure.' There's only feedback. Yes, you may experience challenges in your business-- but you can overcome them with a positive and strategic outlook.

I realize in that when you're facing a difficult situation in your business-- in the heat of the moment, it may seem like your emotions are getting the best of you. But remember these two tips: be mindful of your response and keep things in perspective. 

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