How to overcome feelings of overwhelm: Secrets to de-stressing your life

Does it seem like you have absolutely too much to do in your business. Do you feel overwhelmed and overworked? Are these feelings leading you to procrastinate and even leave work undone in your business? As an entrepreneur, it's normal to get overwhelmed at times. It's not just you! But, consistently feeling overwhelmed can affect your health-- even causing adrenal fatigue (symptoms brought on by chronic stress) because your body is constantly in a state of "fight or flight."

Yes, you wear a lot of hats. Your ideas never seem to stop. It can be hard to focus-- which of course, increases your feelings of being buried under your business. 

Feelings of overwhelm mean one of two things: 
#1. You've over-extended yourself...or 
#2. You're confused and don't know what to do next

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to run their businesses with ease, while others struggle, spinning their wheels?

Think about this...

There are tons of HOW-TO books on: losing weight, making more money and improving your love life-- but if 'how-to's' were enough-- everyone would be THIN, RICH and in GREAT RELATIONSHIPS! 

The thing is...entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed need to transform their mindsets and behaviors to avoid being trapped in a perpetual state of defeat.

There are 2 sides of the transformation coin:
  • Your Mindset (encompasses your thoughts and perceptions)- What do you tell yourself about your business? How do you respond to the work that needs to get done (are you proactive or reactive)? Do you find yourself saying, "I'm never going to get this done." "I'm swamped." 
  • Your Behaviors (encompasses your decisions and actions) - Are you consistently allowing yourself to be distracted? How do you choose to invest your time throughout the day (week after week)? Is your business model contributing to a deluge of busy work?
One or both of these is the underlying reason why you're attracting overwhelm and repelling flow. 

So here are my tips for dissolving overwhelm (so that you can banish burn-out):

#1 Be grateful. If you're feeling overwhelmed, your emotions are doing their job-- they're signalling that something isn't right. You're spreading yourself too thin or you're spinning your wheels in desperation. Send thoughts of gratitude to the Universe for equipping you with such a wonderful monitoring system! The energy of gratitude is a game changer. It attracts more circumstances to be grateful for.

#2 Change your emotional state. When you're feeling bad (run down, burned out), you're not in a position to make good decisions. Take time to reconnect with your higher power (God, Source energy, the Universe etc.) Here's a great quote by John Lubbock that sums up the importance of managing your emotions, "We often hear of people breaking down from overwork, but in nine out of ten they are really suffering from worry or anxiety."

#3 Prioritize. Plain and simple, somethings are more important than others. That project that you keep putting off (you know the one) is probably the very thing that will take your business to the next level. Put non-essential stuff on the back burner. Don't fuss with it. 

#4 Change your strategy. Pace yourself. There's no need to rush through things just to get to the next task. Another strategy to banish overwhelm is to add variety throughout your day. I have the tendency to either be a work horse (and burn out) or a perfectionistic procrastinator (and put off important tasks). 

For example, today before hopping over here to write this blog post-- I was writing copy for two websites (one for a preview call and the other a sales page). I had been working non-stop on these projects for over three hours (I paused for 5 minutes to eat). But, as I ignored my body's need for a change, I felt my body getting tense. I didn't let that message go unheeded for too long. I came over and wrote this blog post for you! And, I'm knocking it out pretty quickly! :) It's amazing, but sometimes a small adjustment like that can help you shift your energy. 

I hope these easy breezy tips help you nip overwhelm in the bud! It's not cool. You have to take care of yourself. If you're not good to you, how can you be good to anyone else.

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