3 tips for writing emails that get OPENED and NOT DELETED

Fortunately, the days of spending tons of money sending post cards and letters to customers and prospects are long gone. With email, you can contact your list (both current and prospective customers) with a point and a click! 

Email is a quick and easy way to stay on your peeps' radar!

Every email that your community actually reads from you increases your "know-like-trust" factor-- which increases the likelihood of them buying from you instead of someone else. Your emails remind potential clients that you've got the goods while keeping you top of mind.

When you invest time, effort and energy into writing emails to your list, you want them to be opened and read. However, on average the open rates for emails are pretty low. Is this because people are too busy? Are they too distracted by other things or is it something else?

According to email marketing company Constant Contact, the average conversion rates (average open, click through and bounce rates) for consulting businesses are as follows:  
  • Open rate: 14.9% (percentage of people who actually open the email)
  • Bounce rate: 12.2% (percentage of people who could not receive the email-- wrong email address, full inbox, etc.)
  • Click through rate: 10.6% (percentage of people who clicked at least one link in the email)
Here's a screen shot of measurements/metrics from an email I sent out to my list recently:

My open rate is 42.86%, my click through rate is 42.86% and my bounce rate is 0% (I've covered the number of people on my list, as that's top secret information). These numbers were captured within six hours of sending the email.

Now, I didn't share these numbers with you to impress you, but to impress upon you the importance of being able to write emails that people want to read. 

So, how do you create emails that your list actually reads?

1. Be known for sharing helpful information: Your list may want inspiration, information, training or all three. Just be sure you're creating material that adds value to your peeps. What do they really want? What are their top struggles? How can you give them this info in short bits of content. Give "how-to's," tips, best/worst lists, myths, top tens etc.

2. Lead with concise and compelling subject lines: Not many people are going to open your emails if they're titled, "Newsletter #124" or "My weekly eZine for you."  Be creative and intriguing with your subject lines. Use words that are descriptive and engaging.

3. Track, measure and adjust: Take a look at your past email campaigns (informational, promotional, etc.) Which ones did you get the best results from? How can you duplicate that on your next email?

Another great way to NOT get deleted is to not be a pest. Don't send too many emails to your list. When I subscribe to a list and they send too many emails, I unsubscribe. You don't want that. Pace your emails. Only send emails when you have something to say.

That's it. If your emails aren't being opened, make these three changes and you'll see your results improve!

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