How to freak out less frequently in your business

When you're in a cyle of feast or famine in your business, it can be a time of freaking out and high stress. 

So how do you turn these client-repelling emotions into more client-attractive excitement and expectation?

When you're frustrated and freaking out about not having enough clients, you don't have immediate access to expectation (much less excitement) . If you try to move directly from frustration to being excited about your business-- it will feel contrived (and will make you even more upset). So instead of attempting to make a B-line to bliss, I want you to deliberately reach for thoughts that "feel a little better." As you do this you will lead yourself out of the freak-out vibe into expectation.

Think about this: The Panama Canal lifts ships from sea level to 85 feet (main water level). And it does so-- in phases. There are 3 locks that ships must pass through in order to get to the desired water level. The ship doesn't move from the lower lock to the higher lock all at once. 

(Photo: Locks of the Panama Canal)
This process is analogous to the process of shifting from a lower vibration to a higher vibrationYou may be starting at the 'vibrational lock' of frustration, anger or discouragement. That's fine. Don't stress when you're not in your desired 'vibrational lock.' Be with your current emotion for a moment or two-- as it's not healthy to try to repress it. You may try a practice like Ho' oponono or EFT to drop any resistance around your current emotional state.

Then start where you are and gradually move your way up the vibrational scale from there. You are in charge of how fast you get to the next lock.

Practices such as meditation and saying affirmations are also helpful in getting you to the next vibrational lock. Shift your thoughts one at a time. Gradually acclimate to feeling better and better. 

The progression of your vibrational locks may look like this:

Frustration=> Impatience=> Gratitude=> Excitement=> Expectation

Be kind and gentle with yourself. When you're experiencing contrast, it's just a sign that you've gotten off track with your thinking. Remember that the reason you're experiencing the contrast of famine (instead of feast) is because you're radiating resistance (negative emotions) rather than belief, expectation and excitement.

The more you practice focusing on feeling good (even in the absence of what you want), the less you'll find yourself freaking out about what is or isn't happening in your business-- which will enable the Universe (God, Source Energy, the Divine etc.) to move mountains on your behalf.

No matter how discouraged you feel, start where you are. Imagine the locks in the Panama Canal and find a way to feel a little better...until you're able to feel EXCITED and POSITIVELY EXPECTANT about your business.

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