What's your Soul's ROI? [VIDEO]

In the investment world the acronym ROI, refers to Return on Investment. In the world of soul intelligence, ROI refers to what you’re Remembering, Observing and Imagining in your mind’s eye.

Imagine a stock market chart with that one arrow that is continually zig-zagging up and down. Sometimes, as an entrepreneur, the your mind is like that line on the stock market chart-- up and down, up and down; so your results are inconsistent or non-existent. 

Remember, your soul consists of your mind, will and emotions. And it affects the bottom line in your business. 

Being mindful of your soul-centered ROI has to do with being aware of what you’re remembering, observing and imagining (and your emotions are great clues as to how you’re thinking at any given moment). 

Throughout your day, I want you to be conscious of your soul-centered ROI. What are you allowing your mind to focus? Are you remembering, observing or imagining things and scenarios that make you worried, fearful, needy, stressed? Ask yourself, “What’s my ROI on my ROI?”

Remember, whether you’re thinking about the past, present or future-- the law of attraction is just going to deliver more evidence for you to worry and stress about. That's not the ROI or return on investment you want. 

So, I invite you to focus your ROI (remembering, observing and imagining) on things you do want. The objective is to focus on feeling good- despite outward appearances.

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