7 ways to stay motivated

"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing-- that's why we recommend it daily." -Zig Ziglar

The only way you can succeed in business is by doing what it takes on a day-to-day basis. And the only way you can accomplish that is by remaining inspired to do so. When you lose your motivation, you feel dissatisfied with your work (even though it was something you enjoyed), every task seems like a drag (you find yourself procrastinating more and more) and you feel like you just want to give up on your business and your dream.

Here are seven soul-centered secrets to staying motivated on the days when you want to throw in the towel.

#1. Realize that you are the King/Queen of your business (and life)- You are in control of how you respond to things. When you allow your circumstances to dictate how you feel, you're giving your power away. You are a magnificent creator. You have the ability to turn things around. 

#2. Change how you see things- Ask yourself questions like: "What is good about this?" "What can I learn from this?" "How can I turn this into a positive?" Wayne Dyer says, "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." This is so true. So, try re-framing the not-so-good things that are happening. 

#3. Be mindful of your words- The words you speak aloud and to yourself have an impact on how you show up in your business (and how the Universe responds). The words you speak are Spirit and they are life. Catch yourself when you find yourself complaining or being negative. A great way to develop an awareness of how you speak to yourself and others is through meditation. In the silence of your mind (after you allow the mind chatter to subside), you'll notice how the ego has been controlling your words.

#4. Connect with positive people- Get some love from people who care about you. Receiving and giving love is an excellent tool for re-calibrating your motivation muscles. Another way to reinforce or increase your motivation is to get accountability from a mastermind group or a coach. Connecting with positive people helps you get out of your own mind and re-group from the pressures of your business.

#5. Take action from a place of peace- Resist the urge to make decisions or take actions when you're stressed, worried or fearful. When you lose your motivation, you may find yourself tempted by 'shiny object syndrome.' Shiny Object Syndrome is accompanied by an incessant and compulsive urge to: be distracted from the task at hand and collect/buy things (books, training programs, etc.) you don't need or that are a waste of time. 

Get your emotions in check before making decisions. Don't use action to compensate for your 'funky' feelings. This will save you lots of time and money.

#6. Give yourself a break- Stop being so hard on yourself. Find ways to add fun and relaxation to your day everyday (not just on vacations). What's the point of being in business if you're not having fun? 

#7. Handle the basics-  It can be easy to neglect your most precious asset (your health) when you're busy trying to make money. But, be sure you're getting enough rest, eating right, drinking enough water and moving your body regularly. Your health is your wealth. What good are you to anyone if you're not good to yourself first (this is why on airplanes, they tell you to put your oxygen mask on first, then your child's).

What do you think? How do you stay motivated when things are slow or aren't unfolding exactly how you expected?

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    7 tips for being more productive and getting it all done

    "Time is what we want most, but what we use worst." -William Penn

    You've heard the saying, everyone gets 24 hours in a day. Either you deliberately manage your time or your time manages you. Most of your time management issues stem from the inability to separate "the urgent" from "the important." Eisenhower's quote, "What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important." Important items are things that need to get done because they're critical to accomplishing a vital outcome. On the other hand, urgent items are usually tasks that other people put upon you for their own benefit (tire-kickers who want to pick your brain, problem clients who you shouldn't be working with etc.)

    That being said, here are 7 simple and easy tips for leveraging your time for maximum results. 

    #1. Identify time wasting activities- Are there things you do throughout your day that don't add value to your business? Awareness is the first step towards releasing these activities. Be aware of how you're investing your time! Re-think your to-do list.

    #2. Delegate- What is your time worth? $150, $300 or more per hour? If you go to the bank, grocery store and dry cleaners twice per week- including drive time, wait time etc.-- that's 3 or 4 hours of your time gone! Which is $450-$1200 you're not generating. Get your groceries delivered to your home, take advantage of online banking and bill pay or hire a pick-up and drop-off laundry service for a fraction of the cost. This will give you back many hours each week! If you do have to do errands, go at non-peak times to avoid crowds and save time (go just after the store opens or shortly before it closes).

    Do you waste time procrastinating on tasks you're not good at or don't like doing? A better strategy would be to delegate or outsource these tasks. Hire an assistant. 
    "Waste your money and you're only out of money, but waste your time and you've lost a part of your life." -Michael LeBoeuf
    #3. Automate- Have systems in place to save yourself time and help your clients have a smoother experience with your business. Can your clients and customers pay you online? Can they schedule appointments easily online or does it take 3 or 4 emails back and forth to determine availability?

    #4. Delete- What can you get rid of completely? What isn't giving you a return on investment (in time, money or energy)? You can also include ending draining relationships in this category. Ban the 'Negative Nelly' or 'Downer Dan' from your life. I want you to forever ditch things you don't need to continue doing and relationships that you don't need to stay in. Just say, "No." The word "No" is a complete sentence.

    #5. Stop distractions- If you need to be calling prospects, writing blog posts, drafting a proposal, creating content for a home study program, shooting a video, developing a sales page or any other value-creating task-- you can't afford to allow yourself to be distracted by the minutiae of the day. Make it your goal to finish all tasks to completion. 

    This means while you're completing value-creating tasks, you're not fiddling around on Facebook or Twitter, you're not browsing the Internet or shopping online, you're not reading emails/newsletters/magazines. There have been studies that show multi-tasking is actually counter-productive. So, don't allow distractions to get you off course or task.

    #6. Eliminate interruptions- If you work from home, it's likely that you experience people wanting your time and attention. You need to educate them that being self-employed doesn't mean you're unemployed. 

    #7. Schedule focus time- Set aside a certain amount of time each day for marketing and client time. You are defined by your rituals. Ritualize your revenue-generating tasks. Commit to a specific block of time that you're going to do marketing and sales activities. For example, you can do these activities daily from 9am to 1pm. 
    "Let him who would enjoy a good future waste none of his present." -Roger Babson
    Also, choose to beat procrastination by completing your most dreaded tasks first. This positive momentum will set the tone for the day (making you more productive since you've freed up some energy!). I hope these tips help you get everything you need done (either by you or someone else). Remember to reward yourself and celebrate your progress and successes.

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    Here's why you "feel" stuck in your business

    "Emotions are action-requiring neurological impulses." -Karla McLaren

    If you've followed the Soul Intelligence blog for a while, you know that my focus is not only on helping you with your marketing strategy- but also your mindset [more specifically- your soul (e.g. mind, will and emotions)]. Both are important parts of building and growing a successful business.

    Right now, you may be needlessly suffering in your business. Whether you're an established or a new entrepreneur, it's easy to allow your circumstances to move you into a state of inaction and inertia (where you feel alone and stuck in a bottomless pit).

    Feeling stuck makes you a victim in your business. And being a victim is a choice that awakens these three self-imposed, immobilizing emotions (these are the reasons you feel stuck):

    • Confusion- When you're confused about what you do or how people actually benefit from working with you, it's impossible to be a client magnet. When you're confused about how you should attract clients, you're probably unconsciously are telling yourself that you don't know what to do dozens of times per day. Do you see how this creates a stuck, victim mentality?
    • Fear- Maybe you know what you could be doing to bring in more business, but you're afraid to do it (whether that's attending/hosting an event or hiring a coach like me). F.E.A.R is nothing more than an acronym for "False Evidence Appearing Real." Fear will paralyze your best intentions. It will talk you out of acting on what you know is your next best course of action.

    • Frustration- Your past efforts didn't yield results, so now you're in a cycle of believing that nothing will ever work. Frustration usually leads to a desire to give up on your business. I want you go let go of frustration and give up on giving up! You just need an objective set of eyes to look at what you're doing.
    Understand that these emotions are not the result of being stuck; but the actual cause of your "stuckness." If you find yourself experiencing in any of these self-defeating states, it's time to take action. Action trumps emotion every time.

    There's an old saying that goes, "Even when you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there."

    It's not going to be magic that brings you more clients-- it's going to be getting the right strategy and support!

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    If you don't bend, you'll break: 5 rules of resilience

    "The wind does not break a tree that bends." -Sukuma proverb

    The inability to deal with uncertainty and the vicissitudes of life causes stress and nervous breakdowns. When this occurs-- it simply means that your soul is inflexible with regards to how you perceive reality. 

    Now, while the winds of life may seem to blow contrary to your deepest desires, it's important that you develop resilience-- a calm inner strength that perseveres and keeps going.

    Here are some tips on being more resilient:
    1. Recognize your value. Realize that there’s a reason you were born and a reason you’re still here. Set aside time to reflect on the people you love and the people who love you as well. It can be easy to forget that people love and care about you.
    2. Reframe your experience. You’ve got to let go of ‘stinking thinking.’ When times get tough, there’s no time to ruminate and lament about what’s not going right in your life. Focus on finding the silver lining in every experience.

    3. Re-assess your priorities. Hard times usually mean that it’s time to buckle down and look your priorities. Make a list of the top 10 things you want to accomplish in the next 90 days. Then get going!

    4. Remember to help others. Whether you’re facing foreclosure or feuding with family members, it’s easy to become self-absorbed with your needs. Take time to remember that there are other people who are hurting more than you.

    5. Relax and recommit to improving everyday. Dedicate yourself to finding the easiest, healthiest and most positive way to achieve your life’s vision.

    So, let life shape you instead of break you. Resilience leads to enduranceNo matter where you are on the path of Soul Transformation, these are great reminders to keep you in the game. You can't win if you're not in the game, right? 

    "When God pushes you to the edge of difficulty-- trust Him fully. Because two things can happen: Either He'll catch you when you fall or he will teach you to fly." -Anonymous

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    No list? No money? No Worries!

    What did the richest woman in America, Oprah Winfrey, do when she wanted to start her television network? 

    Think about this, she already had millions of people on her mailing list, a billion dollars and brand recognition like no other TV personality. Yet she sought out a partner to launch OWN. She went to The Discovery Chanel and struck up a partnership deal. 

    Now, you've probably tried time-consuming, low-impact marketing strategies to get the word out about your business, such as:
    • Blogging on a consistent basis
    • Creating videos/podcasts
    • Spending a lot of time on social media sites
    *You still need to do some of these things (they're necessary to build your credibility and brand). But, if you need a quicker infusion of cash, try this easy (and leveraged) marketing strategy:

    Reach out via email to an expert (mover and shaker) in your industry.

    Partnering with top experts who have lots of people on their list (who would be interested in what you have to offer) is an excellent way to overcome the excuse of "not having money to market or a big subscriber list."

    Now here's the kicker: The people you are approaching don't know you. So you've got to remember that the main question in their mind when opening your email is, "What's in this for me?" 

    And this question should guide your pitch to them (and every potential joint venture partner/strategic alliance).

    Here's a sample email you can send for an interview:

    Hello ABCD,

    I'm excited about the book, (___________), that was just released! Congratulations!

    I believe my community, over at my blog (Facebook, Twitter, etc. - if you have a sizable following), would eat it up. Would you be interested in doing a quick 30-minute interview about your book, and I would feature it to my entire community? 

    Of course, feel free to share the interview with your community as a way to add value, build buzz and generate sales within your tribe. 

    We can schecule the interview at your earliest convenience. Let me know what you think.

    You can also partner with a top expert by doing a joint venture on one of your events.

    Here's a sample email that you can send for a paid online class you have coming up:

    Hello ABCD,

    I love the work you're doing to awaken people to
    their innate power to consciously transform their lives!

    I'm JANE DOE. I help spiritually open individuals
    lose weight without deprivation or desperation. 

    I want to share an opportunity with you to help your community
    while increasing the prosperity of your business.

    I'm offering a FREE 30-minute audio called, "The Secret of ABCDEFGHIJK."

    I also hosting a LIVE 3-Day "Secret  of ABCDEFGHIJK Training Series." Here's the event sales page: 


    The live event will be $197. I'd like to offer you 
    50% of sales (less PayPal's fees). The event
    is scheduled for Feb. 16, 17, and 18 at 6pm EST/9pm PST

    I want to ask if you would invite your list to a
    FREE preview call (details below).  At the 
    end of the call we'll invite people to attend
    the paid live event.

    Let me know what you think!

    *Your role: Invite your community (if you'd like to 
    contribute to the preview call, you're welcome to do so)

    *My role: Facilitate preview call and live event calls

    Here's the preview call info...


    These partnership strategies add to your credibility (buy association) and pave the way to future joint ventures with that person.

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    4 tips for taming a Type A personality

    Take some time to chillax!
    "Tension is who you think you should be.  Relaxation is who you are." -Chinese Proverb

    If you're a high-achieving, action-addicted business owner like me, you know that at times you can be a bit uptight, tense and stressed. If you've been burning the candle at both ends and know that something's got to give-- this post is going to help you take the edge off and lighten up!

    Let's begin by seeing if you're truly a Type A person:

    Does this describe you?

    - Impatient- Waiting in line is excruciating. You have a tendency to interrupt others when they speak. You like getting to the point quickly.
    - Hyper-awareness of time- You move, talk and work at an accelerated pace. You usually think there's not enough time to do everything. Relaxing or sitting still feels like a waste of time. You sometimes shut off your laptop-- only to get right back online on your smart phone two seconds later!
    - Super-competitive- You must win. Being first or the best motivates you most of the time. 
    - Highly critical of self- You put lots of pressure on yourself and have very vocal inner critic. You're constantly critiquing yourself, your progress and results. Efficiency is highly important to you. 

    If you're tired of your stressed out, fast-paced business lifestyle, now is the time for change! 

    "Most of our stress comes from the fact that we feel like we have no choice. We make everything in our lives a “must” to complete. No matter how successful you are, when you have too many “musts,” you’re going to feel stressed.-Tony Robbins

    So, reduce stress-- (while increasing productivity) with these 4 actionable tips:
    • Pump your breaks- "Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths" according to Etty Hillesum. Slow down. Don't eat so fast. Walk and talk at a slower pace. Allow people to complete their sentences. 
    • Pick your battles- Know when to let go. You don't have to win every time. You don't have to be right all the time. Dr. Wayne Dyer says, "When you have the choice to be right or be kindalways choose being kind."
    • Practice patience- Abraham Lincoln was quoted as saying, "The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time." You don't need to spend your precious time being so focused on the future. Live in the moment. Believe that everything is unfolding for you at just the right pace. "Take no thought for the 'morrow, for the 'morrow will take care of itself." said the Christ.
    • Pursue peace- I know it's difficult to sit still, but you need to learn how to chill out! Learn how to meditate. Add prayer to your day. Surrender to the peace that already resides within you. Stop thinking so much-- realize that what you know isn't enough. Ask to be shown the way. Be open to the guidance you receive. 
    • Pause for pleasure- Take time to enjoy your life. When was the last time you had fun? What are some of your forgotten pleasures? Find time to savor the experience of being alive and well.
    My invitation to you is to release the self-imposed pressure that keeps you constantly striving-- to the exclusion of everything else (including your relationships and self care). Relax a little more. Stress a lot less!

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    5 things your website homepage must have to convert the curious into clients and customers

    Make your ideal clients happy they found you!
    You've got a few seconds to get the attention of new visitors to your website and compel them to want to learn more about how you can help them. If you don't, they will click away...and you may never have another chance with them.

    I've come up with 5 elements of a great website homepage. They are loosely based on the AIDA formula I learned in marketing 101 in college (AIDA is an acronym for: attention, interest, desire and action).

    Here are the 5 must-have elements of an effective homepage (your work is to get prospective clients to know, like and trust you as their problem-solver):
    • Compelling hook- You must win the attention of your ideal clients. Lead your website copy with pull questions (questions that get clients to say, "Yes, that's me!"). Pull questions are optional-- unless you're creating a landing page for a sales/squeeze page.
    • Clear and concise explanation of the problem you solve and whom you solve it for- Let people know up front what you do and who you do it for. This allows people to self select as your ideal clients-- and those who are not will click away and move on (or refer someone who is your ideal client).
    • Creative character- What makes you different from the others who are doing what you do? Add your personality to your site.
    • Credibility component(s)- Why should people believe you? What is your trust factor? Have you been mentioned in the press? Do you have endorsements from celebrities? If so, include these on your home page.
    • Call to action- Many people won't buy from you or hire you on their first visit to your site...however you want to keep in touch with them-- so that you stay on their radar as a resource (it's like a first date...they want to get to know you before sealing the deal)! So, be sure to offer a valuable free gift to visitors coming to your website (eBook, Special Report/White Paper, Audio, eCourse) to help h build the relationship.
    Your assignment: Take a fresh look at your website's homepage and see where you can add these elements or amp up the elements you already have in place.

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    What to do when nothing seems to be happening (or when all hell is breaking loose)

    Do you feel like you're in a dry desert place or storm in your business (or life)-- feeling like God/The Universe has abandoned you and left you to fail miserably (and die) on your own? 

    There's a story in the New Testament scriptures where Jesus told his disciples that they were going to get into a boat and cross to the other side of a lake. Yet on the way to their destination-- they were caught in a huge storm and it seemed like they were all about to lose their lives. The boat was being tossed to and fro by the winds and the waves. They were afraid. They needed help and assurance. But what was Jesus doing? He was down in the bottom of the boat asleep! (Ever feel like God was sleeping on the job and not paying attention to what you were going through?)

    Well, the disciples went to Jesus in this storm and basically said to him, "Don't you care that we are about to die!" 

    You may be feeling that way...like your boat is about to sink and you're not going to survive the challenges or dry places in your life. Perhaps your business has stalled or plateaued and you're wondering if you're ever going to get to the place of success you long for.

    Jesus responded to their panic by saying, "Where is your faith?"

    Don't be one of those people who give up at the first (second, third, fourth) sign of opposition, resistance or challenge. Every great thing that has ever been accomplished was accomplished through faith combined with dogged determination and persistence.

    Here's what you need to hold on to when things look bleak (and you're wondering if you're kidding yourself for stepping out in faith the first place):

    #1. A sealed mind against all contrary influences to your dream coming to pass-- including the 
    opinions and comments of "well meaning" friends, family and associates. Just accept the fact that not everyone will understand you. Let them think you're weird or crazy! We're the one's that change the world!

    #2. A general plan. It doesn't have to be fancy or formal. Just write down what you want to happen and steps you can take right now from where you are. Don't worry about making mistakes or messing up. Act your your plan and you'll be guided and directed to course correct. If you want to avoid the trial and error nature of this element of success....you need to have #3 on your team.

    #3. A success-oriented person who believes in you and holds a supportive space for you. You need support and accountability from someone who's been where you are. Notice how Jesus responded with a calm, cool and assured way. He was a master believer.

    So, here's your work: Show up and do the baby steps. Keep writing, keep blogging, keep creating and producing. Stay busy (within reason, of course) with the work that is before you to do. This distracts you from obsessing over how things will manifest. Stop obsessing over the details and "the how" of your success. Things will unfold perfectly when you let things flow.

    And don't allow your physical senses to influence your faith (We walk by faith and not by sight). Know that every single day, things are getting better (if you're not sabotaging with contrary thoughts, feelings and actions).

    Even though things may seem like they're working or that nothing is happening, keep doing what you need to be doing. Believe that invisibly and incrementally-- day by day, things are getting better for you in the spiritual realm-- and that you will soon see what you want in the physical realm.

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    [Video] My favorite smoothie recipe

    Are you taking care of yourself physically? Or are you allowing stress to negatively affect what you put into your body? All it takes is a little planning and effort...and you can improve your well-being-- which improves how you show up in your business!

    In this video, I share the my Double Protein Berry Smoothie recipe. Remember the foundation of your wealth is your health. How can you add more fruits and veggies into your diet?

    Smoothie ingredients: green salad mix (mostly spinach), almonds, blueberries, usually strawberries (this on uses raspberries), a banana, almond butter, 2 ice cubes, and a few ounces of water.

    What is your favorite smoothie recipe?

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    5 ways information products help grow your business

    The desire to "be in the know" is hot! Blame it on Adam and Eve. Their thirst for knowledge thousands of years ago is still with us today. No wonder the internet is so popular. Everyday, people are online searching for all sorts of knowledge and information. In addition to being entertained-- they’re looking for solutions in the areas of health, relationships, and money.

    This is where you come in. Information is the number one commodity to sell online. You may think, “Isn’t much of the information people get online free?” That may be the case, but people are still buying books (ebooks, hard back books, audio books/programs etc.) 

    In addition to great profit margins, here are five other reasons why information products are good for your business.

    #1. Grow your mailing list. People who know, like, and trust you will buy from you. When you create an information product and give it away in exchange for contact information—you grow your potential customer base.

    #2. Create passive income. They enable you to ‘put the work in’ once—then get paid for it again and again. Successful information products can help you transition from the ‘dollars-for-hours’ model to a passive online income generating system. An ancient text in Psalm 127:2 says that it’s vain to rise up early and go to bed late because of anxious work— as God can give to you while you sleep. If you’re ready to learn how to receive income 24/7, then this may be for you.  

    #3. Establish your credibility. Information products can position you as an expert in your field—which opens the door for countless opportunities like speaking,  joint ventures, strategic partnerships, radio interviews, television interviews, book deals and much more.

    #4. Generate highly-qualified leads the easy way. Information products allow potential clients to “get to know you” with very little risk. When your information products are helpful to them, they are going to want more. In which case, they can “upgrade” and buy more of your products and services (coaching, seminars, workshops, etc.) for higher fees.

    As this occurs, you’ll find that you’re walking in the promise of being blessed in your basket and in your store. Where your basket is your online sales and your store is your service-based offering(s). (Deuteronomy 28:5 KJV)

    #5. Reach a wider audience so you can make a greater difference in the world.  This is pretty self-explanatory how awesome that is, so here’s your chance to go for it. The world is hungry for what you have to offer. 

    The general public and media are always looking for information that’s presented in a new, exciting and compelling way. That’s what this special report will teach you to do. It will teach you to grow your business with information products. Information products cost almost nothing to create; therefore much of what you earn is profit (even if you just create them for lead generation).

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    How to activate abundance

    We all want more time, money, energy and love. But oftentimes, our desire and pursuit for more makes us forget the fundamental nature of abundance.

    Abundance is wholeness-- which means there is nothing missing and nothing broken. To this you might say,"Well, there are certainly a few zeros missing from my bank account." Or "I'm missing a relationship with my soul mate."

    Thoughts like these come from a scarcity mindset...not an abundance mindset.

    An abundance mindset seeks out, in gratitude, any shred of evidence that what is desired is already possessed.

    For example, if your intention or goal is to attract more financial abundance, your work is to notice the abundance you have already been given-- including the roof over your head, the food in your belly and the device and Internet access that are making it possible for you to read these words.

    And if you want to break your current abundance down even further, you will discover that you also have an abundance of good health (you can see-- even if it's with glasses/contacts, you're likely not experiencing pain in your body at this moment).

    You have an abundance of intelligence (you're able to read and understand the words I've written).

    You have an abundance of love. You probably have at least one other person (friend, spouse or family member) who cares deeply about you. God/the Universe led you to this wisdom out of a space of love.

    Focusing on the essence of abundance (gratitude for the good you already have) puts you in a flow of positive energy and growth-- while attracting more abundance to you.

    I learned this truth while homeless. When, I slept outside, I focused on being grateful for any type of shelter over my head (whether it was a doorway or parking garage). When I slept at a homeless shelter, I was grateful for the roof over my head, the walls that surrounded me, the bed, pillow and blanket.

    Know that RIGHT NOW you are loved and that you are looked after, despite what you perceive as lacking (time, money, energy and/or love) in your life.

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    The creative power of your words: Do your words betray you?

    "A man's belly shall be satisfied with the fruit of his mouth; and with the increase of his lips shall he be filled." -Ancient Scripture

    Your reality is the sum total of the words you have been saying, thinking and believing of others. Every word you say, think or believe is a seed. And you reap the fruit of those words. When you set intentions and goals and then speak contrary words (because of what your senses tell you)--- you hold yourself apart from what you want to manifest!

    Are you speaking of fear, doubt and unbelief? Or do you speak of vision, faith and expansion? The ancient scriptures, say that God/Source Energy created the heavens and the earth with words. He spoke the world into existence. "Let there be light."

    Watch your words
    Be aware of your internal dialogue and your conversations with others. Your words can be empowering or dis-empowering. 

    "Death and life are in the power of the tongue."-Ancient Scripture

    Your words can create or destroy your life. When someone asks you how your business, life, weight loss or relationship is going-- how do you respond? Do you gripe and complain? Or do you focus on the progress or positive aspects.

    Exercise: For the next 21 days, whenever you catch yourself thinking/saying anything negative-- add the words "...and that's the way I want it" to the end of it (since good or bad-- your words are seeds). Then see how quickly you change how you  think and speak!


    "I'm tired." becomes ("I'm tired and that's the way I want it.")


    "I'm full of energy...and that's the way I want it!"

    Which is better to think or say?

    Honor your words
    Do you make commitments to yourself and others and not keep them? When you do this your heart doubts your integrity and your words begin to lose their positive power.

    Take every word captive
    The tongue is a small part of your body, but it has a huge impact on your life. It takes effort to catch your communication patterns. Be aware of your conversation (internally and with others). Don't allow yourself to speak from your limited beliefs and fears.

                "Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks."-Ancient Scripture

    Your words are preceded by thoughts. Don't empower your thoughts by giving them a voice with your words! Speak positive, faith-filled and powerful words! Encourage yourself. Encourage others.

    Use positive affirmations and mantras throughout the day
    Affirm and confess with your mouth and believe in your heart. Don't speak wimpy, empty words!

    Your words must be mixed with faith and feeling! Hebrews 4:2 says, "The word didn't profit them because it was not mixed with faith."  So, believe in your heart (and don't doubt) that the things you say will come to pass. 

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    How to find your life purpose

    "When you stop chasing the wrong things in life, you give the right things a chance to catch you." --Unknown 

    Do you ever ask yourself, "Is this all there is to life?" Or wonder about your life purpose? 

    Perhaps you've attained some level of success in your business or career-- but now you want more significance.  Success and significance are important elements of living a purposeful life. But what if you you're not sure of your life purpose? The process of identifying your life purpose is a process of self discovery, but it doesn't have to be complicated.

    But most people are multi-passionate and have difficulty deciding which path to take and how to get started. 

    You are destined to make a positive impact on your sphere of influence (and the world). And there's no better time than now to get started doing just that!

    I've come up with a series of questions to get the ball rolling and your passions flowing!

    To uncover your life purpose, I want you to answer these questions:
    • What excites or inspires you?
    • What have you overcome? 
    • What is your greatest accomplishment?
    • Who do you most want to see succeed?
    • Who do you love?
    • What local/world issue brings you to tears?
    • What local/world issue makes you angry?
    • What is your greatest life or business lesson?
    • What legacy do you want to leave after your life is over?
    • What would you do if you couldn't fail and money wasn't an issue?
    • If you could teach anything, what would you teach?
    Which question(s)/answer(s) resonated the most with you? 

    QUICK START: #1. Considering where you are on your path, which one would you you want to start working on immediately.  #2. Think about how you can invest more time, money, energy and effort in that area. #3. Keep in mind that you can pursue your life purpose as a business (one option is 'social entrepreneurship' like TOMS Shoes) or as non-profit venture. 

    **Another exercise you can do to identify, clarify and crystallize your life purpose would be to create a 7-Word Mission Statement. 

    Here's how: Choose one or two verbs to start your statement (i.e. teaching, inspiring, showing , leading, guiding etc.) then tag on 5 or 6 descriptive words.

    My 7-Word Mission statement (or life purpose statement) is:

    Teaching health, wealth and knowledge of self.

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    Creative strategy for relieving stress before any event, meeting or social engagement

    Are you stressed or anxious about an upcoming meeting, interview, negotiation, networking event, first date, family function or other social engagement? When you feel yourself starting to get anxious or fearful about an upcoming meeting or event-- try pre-playing. Instead of mulling over in your mind everything that could go wrong or ruminating about how things have turned out in the past, run a powerful, soul intelligence pre-playing exercise. Pre-playing is designed to interrupt, erase and replace the mind's doom and gloom thinking pattern. [This post is excerpted from page 56 of the Soul Intelligence Method eBook]

    Pre-playing is the practice of acting out in your mind what you want to happen beforehand in a particular situation. 

    Here’s how it works: You make a play (similar to a theater production) of events how you want them to unfold. You can picture your pre-play happening on stage or as a movie. Stop the anxious thoughts in their tracks and think about what you want to happen. Then close your eyes and picture events happening in a manner for your highest and greatest good. As soon as you notice yourself moving into fear mode...start your pre-playing practice.

    Two secrets to amping up your pre-playing practice:

    1. See the event as clearly as possible- You don't have to have every little detail down. But you do want to do your best at seeing the vision with you in it. Hold the vision for at least 20-30 seconds at a time. If you have enough time before the event, try writing out the event as you want it to unfold. For example, you can write something like, "I'm so confident and happy that this meeting is going exactly how I want it to. The conversation is flowing effortlessly. I am making great points and am being received well. Wow! I'm being offered the contract!"

    2. Add emotional elements. If you have trouble visualizing, feel yourself in the scene. Then give your pre-playing practice power with feeling tones of excitement, enthusiasm, peace, harmony, love-- or any other emotion you want to feel during the actual event. 

    Repeat your pre-playing exercise as many times as needed to relieve your anxiety. I once did pre-playing exercises before a job interview. I saw myself having a good time with the interviewer and that I was offered the job on the spot! And guess what? That's what happened! Give pre-playing a try! Let me know your results in the comments below or send me an email: info@soulintelligence.com!

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    Get the results you want: 2 powerful ingredients

    "It's time to step it up! If not now, when?" -Stacey Smith

    Success doesn't happen overnight. Failure doesn't happen overnight. If you're not getting results in any area of life or business-- it's because you lack two things: compelling reasons and consistent rituals.

    For example, if you are healthy and in great shape-- you have a compelling reason (your why) and consistent rituals (your actions) that give you the results you're after. Your compelling reason is top of mind and your consistent rituals are very different from someone who is unhealthy and overweight.

    If you want to successfully write a book, screen play or be a blogger you need to have a great reason why you want to write and you need consistent action to back it up.

    How many times have you told yourself that you're FINALLY going to do something (lose weight, start a business, improve your marriage, etc.)-- only to make excuses, forget about it, procrastinate or not do it at all?

    The formula for success is this:

    CR1 + CR2 = R [Compelling Reasons and Consistent Rituals lead to Results]

    • Your results (R): This is your goal or desired outcome (not your current reality). What is it that you want to be, do or have? 
    • Your compelling reason (CR1): CR1 is about tapping into your "why" or as the French would say, raison d'ĂȘtre. Why do you want what you want? Having a compelling reason that is important when you face challenges, delays or distractions. You won't stay in the game if your compelling reason doesn't come from your heart (or true self). Usually your compelling reason is birthed by a grand vision...something bigger and beyond yourself-- although it can be self-serving/gratifying (i.e. a desire to lose weight so that you look good in your favorite jeans!Remembering your compelling reason excites and inspires you!
    • Your consistent rituals (CR2)CR2 is about cultivating your will. Consistent rituals are habitual actions taken to make progress towards your goal. Shakespeare was quoted as saying, "Action is eloquence." You've got to be disciplined and do the work (whatever that is for you). Discipline, is simply deliberate and consistent action from a place of self-love and self respect. Engaging consistent rituals indicate you honor your commitment to yourself!
    As you formulate your compelling reason and put consistent rituals in place-- you'll start seeing a shift in your personal energy, environment and results. Throughout the process, you may find that you need to course-correct, modify your original goal, come up with different rituals- which is perfectly OK. 

    The process of attaining success isn't just about making changes-- it's about making progress. So, keep at it! Success requires personal inspiration (compelling reasons) and personal initiative (consistent rituals).

    If you have a goals without a compelling reason and consistent rituals-- you're kidding yourself. What you have is a pipe dream or a wish list.

    "The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine." -Mike Murdock

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